Charity Request





  • It is the aim of the New Zealand Society Thailand (NZS) to provide funding to organisations that help to improve the basic quality of life, including (but not limited to) educational opportunities and programs.


  • The NZS will focus on charities in Thailand that have limited local and international support, but are financially sustainable and have viable goals.

  • Access to the initiative and/or project by committee and membership base is also important so as to increase awareness, involvement and accountability.

Criteria for funding:

  • Organisations need to ensure that you meet our aims and objectives

  • Projects need to focus on reaching out into the community to improve the well-being and living standards of the community, including, but not limited to, education projects. Examples of this can include among others;

    • Programs delivering services which assist with the education

    • Projects that provide vital health and welfare services for the wider community

    • Educational scholarships and sponsorship.

    • Projects that improve the local environment and community living conditions

New Zealand related projects:

  • All requests will be properly considered, however we strongly encourage any New Zealander involved with an organisation or project that meets the funding criteria set out above.

  • Where there are multiple applications making requests, and the funds allocated to charity is  limited, projects that meet the criteria, and are related to New Zealand by association or management, will be prioritised.


Charity request and proposal

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